Generation and family

Like any other success story, this one has started by a discovery. At the beginning of the 60′s, Gottfried (1907-1971) and Lisa Latz (1920-2002) made a chance encounter with the Aspras winery.

At the time, neither Gottfried or Lisa had experience of wine making. The challenge they decided to undertake could appear impossible for most people, but not for Lisa and Gottfried. After fleeing Germany in the thirties and suddenly leaving the Congo after its independence with their children Michaël and Arinna, they did not hesitate for a moment. Courtesy of their patience and passion, they started from nowhere and became winegrowers.

In 1995, Gottfried and Lisa’s son, Michaël, his wife Anne and their three sons, Raphaël, Sébastien and Alexandre, the 2nd and 3rd Latz generations are running the winery.

As both individuals and together, they have been perpetuating the family spirit which is strongly commited to this land and its fate.

la famille Latz

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